The following Terms and Conditions apply to the $10,000 Spring Special promotion offered by 3 Property Group 5:

1. Subject to the below, a person is eligible for the benefit of the lesser of:
(a)        $10,000 of Body Corporate Levies for the Property; or
(b)        5 years of Body Corporate Levies for the Property (based on the date of the invoice).

2. Only one Spring Special is payable per Property.

3. The benefit of a Spring Special is personal to a Buyer only and cannot be assigned.  Where a Buyer is no longer the owner of a Property, the benefit of the Spring Special shall cease and 3 Property Group 5 will not be liable to make any further payments to the Buyer or to the owner of the Property.

4. The Buyer is required to provide each invoice issued by the owners corporation to the Buyer for the Body Corporate Levies to 3 Property Group 5, by email to the email address nominated by 3 Property Group 5 from time to time.  Subject to the Buyer’s compliance with all of these terms and conditions, 3 Property Group 5 will pay each invoice, to an aggregate maximum of $10,000, or for a maximum period of 5 years from completion of the Contract (being based on the invoice date), whichever occurs first.  If an invoice is provided to 3 Property Group 5 and there are less than 14 days remaining for payment of the invoice, 3 Property Group 5 will not be liable to the Buyer for any administration fee, interest, late fee or other similar fee or cost due to delay in payment of the Body Corporate Levy.

5. The Spring Special is only available to a Buyer if the Buyer:
(a)        was introduced to the Property after 26/09/2019;
(b)        enters into the Contract 26/09/2019 and 31/12/2019
(c)        ensures that the terms of the Spring Special promotion form part of the Contract;
(d)        completes the Contract in accordance with the terms of the Contract; and
(e)        does not breach or default any of the terms of the Contract.

6. Where a dispute arises, 3 Property Group 5 may make a determination of that dispute, and all parties will be bound by that determination.

7. 3 Property Group 5 may withdraw or cease the Spring Special promotion at any time without notice.

8.  If a Contract with a Buyer is rescinded, terminated, void, cancelled or otherwise not performed, the Spring Special for that Buyer is forfeited.

9. 3 Property Group 5 reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time in its absolute discretion, without notice.

10. In these Terms and Conditions:
(a) 3 Property Group 5 means 3 Property Group 5 Pty Limited.
(b) Buyer means a person that enters into an unconditional Contract with 3 Property Group 5 for a Property.
(c) Body Corporate Levies means the levies payable by the Buyer, for the Property, to the owners corporation of the Avani development comprising administrative fund contributions and sinking fund contributions, but excluding any special levies or other payments due that are not administrative fund contributions or sinking fund contributions.
(d) Contract means a contract for the sale between the Buyer and 3 Property Group 5 for a Property.
(e) Property means a unit in the Avani development being developed by 3 Property Group 5.