Why you need home automation

August 21st, 2018

We have all dreamt of clapping our hands and the lights turning off, or the kettle magically turning on. Thanks to home automation these dreams can become our reality.

Home automation creating smart homes is the latest technology entering the property market. So What is home automation?

Automation is the controlling of devices all from the touch of your mobile device.

Commonly used to control things like sprinklers in the past, the introduction of smart technology has enabled automation to expand rapidly. Home automation is allowing the entire home to be controlled from your device or remote. Smart home products can be linked through a central system and synced to your device.

Smart home design begins with the 3Push Controls – the most intuitive and certainly the most affordable system on the market today.

Think lights being scheduled to come on and off, security alarms being set as you leave, and doors being locked. The integration of this device synchronizes and simplifies your home living.

Personal schedule preferences will allow users to select when devices will activate. Peace of mind is the biggest benefit of 3Push as now scheduling will keep everything in check. Gone are the days of locking yourself out, or leaving a light on when you’ve left the house.

Schedules can be set for the TV turning on as you walk in the door and your favorite song playing on the speakers. The automation of such devices can end up saving on your energy bill as the devices detect when rooms are not occupied.

The future of home automation is virtually limitless. There is an endless amount of creative ways to implement home automation in your home. At 3PG we have partnered with 3Home Automation which means the homes in our projects can be equipped with the foundation for complete home automation.

At 3PG we are always one step ahead!


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