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Recommend 3 Property Group to friends and family and you could be rewarded.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the $3,000 referral program offered by 3 Property Group.

  1. Subject to the below, a person is eligible for a $3,000 payment in AUD (Referral Payment) if that person refers a Buyer to 3 Property Group.
  2. Only one Referral Payment is payable per Property.
  3. Only one Referral Payment is payable per Buyer.
  4. A Referral Payment is payable to one person only. Where more than one person claims a Referral Payment for a Buyer and/or a Property, 3 Property Group will pay the Referral Payment to only one of those persons, at the sole and absolute discretion of 3 Property Group.
  5. A Referral Payment is not payable where the Buyer was effectively introduced to 3 Property Group, or the Property, by an agent appointed by 3 Property Group, or by 3 Property Group itself. For the avoidance of doubt, where 3 Property Group, its realestate agent or agent appointed by 3 Property Group already has the name and/or contact details of the proposed Buyer in its records when that proposed Buyer is referred by a person seeking a Referral Payment, no Referral Payment will be payable.
  6. A person is ineligible for a Referral Payment if that person seeks to introduce more than 10 potential Buyers to 3 Property Group.
  7. Any person seeking to refer a Buyer to 3 Property Group and/or seeking a Referral Payment agrees that they have taken advice as to whether the Agents Act 2003 applies to that person, and releases 3 Property Group from any and all liability, cost or damage that might arise if the person is subject to the Agents Act 2003 and is found to have breached same. Each person seeking a Referral Payment agrees that they have taken legal advice, or that they have had the opportunity to take legal advice, in relation to their rights and obligations in taking part in the referral program.
  8. A person is only eligible for a Referral Payment if that person provides a written communication to 3 Property Group and that written communication contains all of the following information:
    1. the proposed Buyer’s name;
    2. the proposed Buyer’s telephone number;
    3. the proposed Buyer’s email address;
    4. the proposed Property that the proposed Buyer is or may be interested in (or at least the proposed development);
    5. the person’s name;
    6. the person’s telephone number;
    7. the person’s email address; and
    8. a statement that the information is provided for the purpose of the $3,000 referral program.
  9. Where a dispute arises, 3 Property Group may make a determination of that dispute, and all parties will be bound by that determination.
  10. 3 Property Group may withdraw or cease the referral program at any time without notice.
  11. If a Contract for Sale with a Buyer is rescinded, terminated, void, cancelled or otherwise not performed, the Referral Payment for that Buyer must be immediately refunded to 3 Property Group, and 3 Property Group is entitled to recovery of the Referral Payment.
  12. 3 Property Group reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time in its absolute discretion, without notice.
  13. In these Terms and Conditions:
    1. 3 Property Group means 3 Property Group Holdings 2 Pty Limited and its subsidiaries.
    2. Buyer means a person that enters into a unconditional Contract for Sale with 3 Property Group for a Property.
    3. Contract for Sale means a contract for the sale between the Buyer and 3 Property Group for a Property.
    4. Property means a unit in a development being developed by 3 Property Group.


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