Promotion Terms & Conditions

 The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Conveyancing Promotion offered by 3 Property Group:

1. Up to $1,200.00 AUD capped rebate to be deducted from Buyer settlement figures.

2. Buyer must settle on time for this offer to be valid.

3. The Conveyancing Promotion is only available to a Buyer if the Buyer:

(a) was introduced to the Property after 1 September 2020;

(b) enters into a full price sale Contract between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021;

(c) ensures that the terms of the Conveyancing Promotion form part of the Contract;

(d) completes the Contract in accordance with the terms of the Contract; and

(e) does not breach or default any of the terms of the Contract.