7 things you should be buying for your home

March 28th, 2019

Kmart is great for a lot of home items, but some things should never be skimped on. We’ve broken down the things worth the splurge when it comes to improving your home lifestyle.


A good bed

Buying the best of bedding may make you baulk over prices, but the bed is the focal point of a bedroom and the first and last part of your day. Start with a stylish bed frame or platform, then invest in a mattress – remembering that a good mattress should last you at least 10 years. Finish it off with pillows made of bamboo, memory foam, or organic cotton to feel like you’re always sleeping on clouds.


A slow or pressure cooker

Whether it cooks for as long as a summer’s day or faster than the speed of light, having some kind of slow or pressure cooker is a worthy addition to your home. They are the best way to make a big batch of food for a week of work or school lunches and dinners, with as a little effort as possible. Surviving winter in Canberra wouldn’t be possible without the comfort of a warming dish on a cold night.


A good vacuum

It’s something you probably would never consider, but a good vacuum makes all the difference. Spending over $400 on something that sucks up dust and dirt may make you feel a little queasy but before you put away your card, consider that a vacuum is an item you’ll use at least weekly and have for years and probably take with you if you move homes.


A light alarm

Sounds silly until you try it: rather than using noise or vibration, a light alarm wakes you up by gradually illuminating your room in a way that mimics natural light. Many models also include “calming” wake up sounds like birdsong, so you can ditch the heart-starting foghorn alarms and start your day calm and well-rested.


A serious storage system

The best way to keep your home neat is to have a place for everything. Consider wall units, credenzas or sideboards for homewares you want to display like books, media, photo frames or home bar kits, and pack away miscellaneous bits the world doesn’t need to see in organised folders and cupboards.


A rug

This may be your last choice for homewares, but a rug is often an interior designer’s first. An appropriately sized rug will dictate the layout of your furniture and tie in all the colours and textures in a room. Plus, it’s another item that will travel with you from home to home and can be used with carpet, hardwood, and tiled floors.


A hardwood dining table

Hardwood is the best choice for furniture, period, because it’s long-lasting, hardwearing, and transcends trends and decades. You may be more used to neglecting your dining table in favour of eating your dinner while watching Netflix on the couch, but nothing makes a home feel more complete than a beautifully crafted table that brings an established look to any home.



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