Hacks for storing your off-season clothing

March 28th, 2019


As the seasons change, so does your wardrobe. Sadly, it’s time to pack away the short sleeves and relegate them to a dark corner of your wardrobe.

But before you start shoving things away haphazardly, we’ve got a few tips to save you space and see you through the shift in seasons.

  1. Reorganise

Fumbling around in the dark on cold winter mornings while trying to get dressed is just not fun for anyone. If you’re reaching up high or fumbling through random items in drawers to find the right piece, you’re just making it hard for yourself. Take an hour to prioritise what goes where in your wardrobe, both by what should be right in front of you (most worn items) and how it should be stored (sweaters folded, dresses hung).

  1. Clean out

If we’ve learnt anything from Marie Kondo, it’s that spring cleaning isn’t just for spring. If it didn’t spark joy for you this season, it probably won’t next year either. Put all your summer clothes out on your bed and sort them by the basic rule: if you wore it this season and it’s still in good condition, it stays. If you didn’t wear it, you’ve outgrown it, it’s falling apart, or it’s out of fashion, it goes – either in the trash or to the donation bin. Keep in mind you’ll probably be buying more things throughout the year.

  1. Clean up

Before you start putting your newly reorganised and curated clothing back into the closet, you want to make sure that space is clean. Put some new moth balls in to stop them and any other little critters from ruining your clothes, and make sure that you wipe out any dust that may have accumulated to save time on lint rolling later. If you have any furry friends, cedar blocks are pet-friendly – and better smelling – than moth balls tend to be. Tuck them into corners, in dresser drawers, dot them along shelves or place them in storage containers.

  1. Fold, fold, fold

Unlike the rolling method for travelling, the best way to store most clothing in your wardrobe is to fold it. Storing things on a hanger is a long-term recipe for disaster, as things will stretch and lose their shape over time. Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters – you name it and you can fold it. Some exceptions do apply, like dresses and good pants – things that you don’t want to crease in odd areas.

  1. Don’t skimp on storage

News flash: not all clothing needs to be stored in a wardrobe. Invest in good containers and consider where you’ll put them. If you won’t be reaching for some things often (like off-season clothing), they can be placed on high shelves or under beds. The large vacuum seal bags your parents used to use are also a great space saver, especially if you’re lacking in the space department. For those in more humid environments, plastic may cause your clothes to mildew, so a fabric box is a good alternative.

  1. Keep it cool

You may be missing the sun and heat as the weather changes, but your clothes thrive in the opposite. Storing them in a cool, dark environment reduces the risk of colours fading and ensures the quality of fabric is maintained.


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