Six advantages of townhome living

April 23rd, 2019


The home is where the heart is, so you want to make sure you are buying the right one for you. Every man, woman and child will have an opinion on what you should be looking for: affordability, space, outdoor living areas – so how do you know what to prioritise?

A townhome offers all the benefits of a freestanding house, while being more cost effective and low maintenance. Need more of a reason? We’ve got six for why a townhome is the best of both worlds.


So, you want all the benefits of a standalone house, but high pricetags are putting you off? Compared with a house with the same number of bedrooms, a townhome offers incredible value for money. Townhomes can often be bought in locations where you may not be able to afford or even buy a house.

Low maintenance
No one gets to the end of the week and is excited to spend their two days off work doing maintenance around the house. In a townhome, you can enjoy the space of multiple bedrooms and an outdoor living area – where you can entertain or have a secure place for the kids to play in – without the upkeep needed for a large yard.

Build a life or downsize
With the aid of the First Home Owner Grant, buying a townhome is a great opportunity for first home buyers to get a foot on the property ladder without needing to spend ridiculous amounts of hard-earned money. Not everyone wants to move into an apartment when they are looking for a smaller space either; a townhome gives you the space to host guests after retirement but less maintenance you need to be liable for if you want to spend more time travelling.

Tighter knit community
The dream of a large house isn’t as sustainable in Australia as it once was, but townhomes keep one classic Aussie trait alive: having good relationships with your neighbours. Purchasing a townhome puts you in the midst of shared amenities such as shared pools, gyms, BBQ and alfresco areas, and grassy zones, so you can continue to live the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to.

Location, location, location
Tonwhomes tend to be in some of the most convenient locations. 3PG’s newest developments are in burgeoning areas of growth and recreation, close to city centres and public transport. While you may not end up the exciting hustle and bustle of the city, a townhome puts you next door to plenty of amenities, such as leisure centres, nature reserves, local shops, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Townhomes are a viable solution to sustainable housing that don’t force you to compromise on your lifestyle. The attached layout of townhomes can improve thermal efficiency, as fewer external walls theoretically means less exposure to the summer sun. In summer, your townhome could be cooler and warmer in winter than a standalone house, making your home more sustainable and affordable for you.


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